WMS research seminar: 'Enabling non-technical users to query and purchase data'

Date Wednesday 25 September 2019
Time 1pm - 2pm
Where MSB.4.02, Level 4, Waikato Management School, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton
Presenter PhD candidate Denis Martins (University of Münster, Germany)
Admission Cost Free


All staff and students are invited to attend a research seminar on Wednesday, 25 September by PhD candidate Denis Martins (University of Münster, Germany) on the topic of 'Enabling non-technical users to query and purchase data'.

The seminar will be held in room MSB.4.02, from 1pm - 2pm.

The big data era is affording a paradigm change on decision-making approaches. More and more, companies, as well as individuals, are relying on data to make more informed and efficient decisions.

This need for data has led to the emergence of data marketplaces as an alternative to traditional data commerce, as they provide an online platform where data is trade.

Purchasing data from data marketplaces commonly involves issuing queries with an associated monetary cost. However, current marketplaces offer almost no help to non-technical users aiming to purchase data. These users frequently lack the required technical sophistication to formulate queries that address their information needs and stay within their budget.

In this talk, we delve into this situation and highlight two related issues. The first one is enabling non-technical users to specify queries without requiring them to have deep knowledge of complex database query languages. The second one involves helping these users to gain more awareness about the available offers present in the market so that they can make a more informed purchase decision.

Speaker bio:

Denis Martins is a PhD candidate in the Databases and Information Systems group of the University of Münster, Germany. His research interests focus on the application of machine learning techniques for enabling non-technical users to perform modern data management tasks.

He holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Pernambuco, Brazil, where he researched computational approaches for intelligent decision-making support.