WMS research seminar: Bringing supply chain strategy to life with a homegrown case study

Date Thursday 23 September 2021
Time 1pm - 2pm
Presenter Dr Nadia Trent (Waikato Management School)
Contact Amanda Wilson
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Admission Cost Free

Waikato Management School and the New Zealand Institute for Business Research (NZIBR) invites you to an online academic presentation on Thursday, 23 September at 1pm.

In this one-hour Zoom presentation, Dr Nadia Trent , a senior lecturer in supply chain management, will discuss the benefits and learnings encountered when using homegrown case studies.

This event is part of the WMS Academic Seminar Series - it is free and open to everyone, no RSVP required.

Dr Trent says it is essential to connect teaching practice to real-life scenarios if we wish to create industry-relevant graduates.

"Using case studies is one way of doing that. There is no shortage of case study material out there, but there are at least two benefits in publishing and using case studies that have been homegrown in the Waikato Management School," she says.

"Firstly, as educators, we are more connected to the cases we were involved in and can teach with more authority from that position. We also have the opportunity to customise case studies that achieve our specific learning objectives instead of retrofitting someone else's case study."

"Secondly, publishing case studies on widely accessed platforms is a fantastic way to market our school's connection with industry," she says.

In this session, Dr Trent will present the process that Dr Cécile L'Hermitte and she went through in 2021 to create and use a homegrown case study that spans both supply chain strategy and humanitarian logistics.

"Hopefully our experience and the lessons learned can encourage others to grow their own case studies."

Dr Trent's research focuses on the resilience of national and global supply chain systems and how these systems affect quality of life and equity within communities. With her background in engineering, she explores these topics using various data science and simulation modelling techniques.

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