WMS Public Lecture Series: 'Business strategy in the age of AI: Where artificial intelligence can confer a competitive advantage'

Date Thursday 12 May 2022
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where Zoom:
Presenter Dr Amanda Williamson, Senior Lecturer in Innovation & Strategy, Waikato Management School
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This free online talk on Tuesday, 12 May will outline how New Zealand businesses and organisations can survive and thrive in a world of AI-driven change. It is designed for managers and business leaders, but is also open to members of the public.

Proudly hosted by Waikato Management School, the topic is, 'Business strategy in the age of AI: Where artificial intelligence can confer a competitive advantage'.

Senior lecturer Dr Amanda J Williamson will share her cutting-edge research and expertise in artificial intelligence and domain knowledge in business strategy. She will examine the vast opportunities that AI and emerging technologies present for business, and discuss how business leaders can start harnessing the value of AI today.

Dr Williamson is a Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Strategy, who was awarded the Waikato Management School Early Career Research Award 2021.

“World-leading organisations now employ AI in most parts of their value chain to reduce costs, and improve decision-making, processes, products and services,” she says.

“New Zealand organisations that do not have an AI strategy in place, and are slow to adopt AI, may quickly become obsolete and irrelevant.”

By the end of the hour, attendees should have a better understanding of how AI can (and cannot) help organisations today; and where to begin with an AI-driven strategy.

This online event (via Zoom) starts at 12 noon and is open to all University staff, students, and members of the public.

Registration is not required, just log into Zoom and join us on the day.


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