WaiPRU Picturebook Seminar

Date Thursday 12 November 2020
Time 8:30am - 3:30pm
Where TT Block, Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, University of Waikato Hamilton Campus
Contact Margaret Drummond
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Admission Cost $65

Silent picturebooks are, quite simply, books with illustrations but no words. They are also known as wordless picturebooks, and perhaps most accurately, visual narratives. Some of the more famous ones from the past include Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman (1982), and more recently, Aaron Becker’s Journey (2014).

In the 2020 WaiPRU Picturebook Seminar, we will celebrate the silent picturebook with a plenary talk given by Crissi Blair, the 2019 Storylines Betty Gilderdale Award winner. There will also be presentations from librarians, academics, publishers and authors, and displays of silent books from local and national collections.

This event has a fee of $65 per person.

Parking is available in Gate 3A on Silverdale Road.

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