Understanding environmental issues and conservation actions with a cultural lens

Date Wednesday 5 August 2020
Time 1pm - 2pm
Where Zoom ( Meeting ID: / Password: 441742 )
Presenter Associate Professor Taciano L. Milfont
Contact Olive Zhong
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Admission Cost Free

The fundamental interconnections between humans and the natural environment cannot be overstated. Human societies have always had to adapt to and change their surrounding environments in order to survive. However, the unprecedented scale and cumulative impact of human actions on the natural environment now threaten the balance of the world’s ecosystem. To address these threats, we must work collectively to solve environmental problems and to adapt to our changing world. These solutions will require conservation efforts involving individuals within and across national and cultural boundaries. In this talk, Associate Professor Milfont will argue the way individuals relate to the natural environment is culture-bound, and will then provide an overview of my ongoing research program applying psychological science to understand and address environmental issues with a cultural lens.

About Associate Professor Taciano L. Milfont (University of Waikato)

Taciano L. Milfont is Reader in Environmental Psychology at the University of Waikato, Tauranga. He is an interdisciplinary environmental-behavioural scientist who studies the underlying psychological, social and contextual factors that motivate and inhibit pro-environmental behaviour. Taciano is former Director of the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research (Victoria University of Wellington), has over 160 peer-reviewed publications, and is regarded as a leading scholar in taking a cross-cultural perspective to address environmental issues.