Theatre Studies presents: The Chapel Perilous by Dorothy Hewett.

Date Wednesday 30 May - Saturday 2 June 2018
Time 7pm (Wednesday 30 May) - 7pm (Saturday 2 June)
Where Playhouse, Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
Contact Gaye Poole
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Directed by Gaye Poole
Season: 30,31 May &1,2 June @ 7pm

In 1971, Syliva Lawson wrote about Sally Banner - "Wearing her hair 'like armour' Sally storms her way to a place in the Australian imagination... an incandescent heroine".

I Dorothy Hewett’s play is full of lyricism, music, satire and a healthy dose of self-parody. The Chapel Perilous traces the life of Sally Banner over 4 decades; from 1930s to 1960s, as she evolves from defiant schoolgirl, to communist speaker to a world-renowned poet. Hewett's freedom of style embraces tragedy, farce, naturalism, expressionism and musical comedy.

Sally: "I seek the Chapel Perilous and by my courage and great heart I will win through".