The Intersecting Lines – Business Interests and Personal Autonomy

Date Wednesday 12 September 2018
Time 9am - 11am
Where A.G.30
Presenter Her Honour Chief Judge Christina Inglis
Contact Diana Maliseva
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The Chief Judge points out that while the European Union has a statement on the right to privacy, such a statement is lacking in New Zealand.  How are the twin objectives of protecting employers’ business interests and protecting the rights of employees to some expectation of privacy, including a lack of intrusion by their employer into their personal lives, to be reconciled?  What happens when private actions and statements are perceived to have a negative impact on the employer?  In this world of ever-changing and developing modes of employment, the lines shift and blur.  The Chief Judge raises a number of questions and illustrates the issues with reference to some of the case law in New Zealand.

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