Te Taipitopito: Understanding Prison Violence In Aotearoa III

Date Monday 28 November 2022
Time 8am - 4pm
Where Online
Contact Renae Dixon
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Admission Cost Free

Prisons are places where people are contained in high concentrations. They are also places where victimization of physical and psychological violence is highly frequent. The previous symposia, Te Tūāpapa Whakaharatau and Te Whanake, have reflected the high human, financial, and health costs of violence for the tāne and wāhine who live and work in these sites. Te Taipitopito is the third symposium hosted by Nga Tūmanakotanga that draws together a range of perspectives from across the ‘prison ecology’ and includes local and international voices from industry, academia and community for a dialogue on the causes and control of violence in New Zealand's prison spaces. The aims of Nga Tūmanakotanga are to understand and decrease physical, sexual, psychological and structural harm and improve safety and wellbeing for those who reside and work in prison settings in Aotearoa New Zealand. We view prisons as ecologies – spaces where people, resources, and the built environment are interrelated – and that violence is a product of these complex relationships. The theme for this symposium, Te Taipitopito, refers to the different currents within the tide, and invites us to take opportunities to look closer at the detailed content – the ‘guts’ of the issues – and sort out the nutrients from the debris, to further our understanding that knowledge, especially in contexts that are dynamic and often volatile.

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