Sociology and Social Policy Seminar Series 2020

Date Wednesday 11 March 2020
Time 4pm - 5pm
Where K.G.09 (University of Waikato)
Presenter Lina Stepick, PhD
Contact Rachel Gosnell-Maddock
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Admission Cost Free

Bridging City Trenches in Urban Development Policy: Radical Flank Effects and Authenticity in Labor-Community Coalition Formation

In the context of urban development politics, tensions between building trades unions and anti-displacement community advocacy groups may present particular challenges to labor-community coalition formation. Indeed, affordable housing and labor policies are rarely paired in largescale policy governing the private sector in the United States. The case of the Build Better L.A. labor-community coalition confounds this trend. The coalition formed in response to a proposed construction moratorium that building trades unions perceived as a radical threat. The coalition then developed and passed an innovative inclusionary housing and labor standards policy in Los Angeles in 2016.

In this talk Lina Stepick will discuss how and why these groups came together, through an analysis of understudied mechanisms of coalition  formation, including radical flank effects and the perception of institutional and grassroots authenticity. She will further analyze how tensions within the coalition may lead not to compromise as one might expect, but to policy innovation.

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