Sociology and Social Policy Seminar - A World in Which Many Worlds Can Fit: A Tribute to the Work of David Neilson

Date Thursday 23 March 2023
Time 3:10pm - 4:30pm
Where K.G.06 - University of Waikato Hamilton Campus
Presenter Tom Ryan, Darelle Howard, Tran Thi Lanh, and Keith Barber
Contact Gemma Piercy-Cameron
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Admission Cost Free

David Neilson was appointed to the Political Science programme in 1989 as part of the establishment of the Centre for Labour and Trade Union Studies. He shifted into Labour Studies in 1998 and later worked in the Sociology programme until his untimely passing in late 2022. The first speaker in this seminar, Tom Ryan (Anthropology), was appointed at the same time as David as part of the Centre for Labour & Trade Union Studies but in the Anthropology programme. David asked Tom to review his book Socialism in the 21st Century. The second speaker, Darelle Howard (Sociology & Social Policy) began learning from David as an undergraduate student and was inspired by his passion, research and ideas to pursue honours, Masters and PhD studies under his supervision. As with his other colleagues Darelle has listened to David’s passion for his new book that unfortunately was left unfinished. Tran Thi Lanh met David in the staffroom and the sharing of their ideas led to a new collaboration and book proposal, together with Keith Barber (Anthropology), third speaker, centred on Keith and Lanh’s research in Vietnam. The panel will be facilitated by Gemma Piercy-Cameron.