CANCELLED - Social Policy Seminar 2020

Date Wednesday 1 April 2020
Time 4pm - 5pm
Where K.G.09 (University of Waikato)
Contact Rachel Gosnell-Maddock
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Admission Cost Free


From Inspiring Diversity to One Old White Man: The Democratic Party and the 2020 Election

For fifteen months, the Democratic Party has been trying to determine the best candidate to run against Trump in the 2020 US presidential election.

During the pre-voting campaign in 2019, a record-breaking number of people sought the Democratic nomination. 29 major candidates ran, and 23 qualified for at least one DNC presidential debate. The field was diverse, featuring six women, four African Americans, two Asian Americans, one Latino candidate, one LGBT candidate, and nine candidates aged less than 50.

However, after a few weeks of voting in different states in 2020, the Democratic field winnowed dramatically. By early March, just two white male candidates remained: 78-year old Senator Bernie Sanders and 77-year old former Vice President Joe Biden.

This presentation discusses:

* Why did the pre-voting period attract such a large and diverse pool of Democratic candidates, far more than had ever run before? Was this an anomaly, or is it likely to be repeated in future election cycles?

* Why did the actual voting shrink the field so quickly to just Biden and Sanders? How will this affect the 2020 general election against Trump?