School of Psychology Seminar Series - The Step-by-Step Parenting Program: Preventing Child Neglect in At-risk Families

Date Monday 5 December 2022
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where S.1.02 or Zoom ( )
Presenter Professor Maurice Feldman
Admission Cost Free

Child neglect harms more children than physical, sexual, and emotional abuse combined. In this address, Dr. Feldman will describe the Step-by-Step Parenting Program, an evidence-based behavioural parent training program for parents at risk for child neglect because of learning difficulties and parenting skill deficits. This program is based on ecological models of family functioning and behaviour analysis principles and is emulated around the world. Dr. Feldman and colleagues have developed an innovative contextual-observational parent competence assessment model that identifies potential motivating variables that may support or impede successful parenting. The assessment also includes direct observation of parenting skills in situ. Intervention is derived from the assessment and includes a focus on teaching parenting skills using enhanced behavioural skills training. Dr. Feldman will present results demonstrating the effectiveness of the Step-by-Step Parenting Program in not only improving parenting skills of parents with learning difficulties, but also having beneficial impact on the children’s health and development.