School of Psychology Seminar Series - Dr Oleg Medvedev

Date Friday 18 June 2021
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where I.1.09
Presenter Oleg Medvedev
Contact Amy Bird
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Admission Cost Free

Applications of Rasch Methodology in Psychology and Beyond

Rasch analysis is increasingly used for developing and evaluating interval-level scales to measure abilities. Unlike Classical Response Theory (CTT) that uses correlations between items to select items measuring a latent construct, Rasch analysis applies a statistical model that predicts the precise mathematical relationship between an item and a latent trait to be measured. Proponents of Rasch analysis argue that, compared to the typically long scales with ordinal scores that are produced by CTT methodology, application of Rasch analysis results in shorter, more reliable measures with interval-level scores. Rasch methodology is useful to address issues with measurement precision (e.g. ordinal rather than interval scaling), item functioning, and invariance across population groups that can not be resolved using traditional statistical methods. My presentation emphasizes the value of Rasch analysis to enhance both reliability and internal validity of psychometric instruments used in psychological assessment.

Dr Oleg Medvedev

Oleg is teaching Research Methods and Statistics at the University of Waikato and is actively involved in research covering areas of health psychology, mindfulness-based interventions, well-being, health-related quality of life, psychophysiology of stress, healthy aging and rehabilitation medicine. A substantial amount of Oleg’s work focuses on application of advanced statistical and psychometric methods such as Generalisability Theory, Rasch and Network analyses and enhancement of assessment methodology.

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