Research seminar: 'The importance of studying power, ideology and materials interests in work and employment'.

Date Thursday 12 March 2020
Time 1pm - 2pm
Where MSB.0.01, Level Zero, Waikato Management School, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton
Presenter Professor Gregor Gall (Leeds University Business School)
Admission Cost Free

Professor of Industrial Relations Gregor Gall (Leeds University Business School, UK) will present a research seminar on Thursday, 12 March on the topic: 'The importance of studying power,  ideology and materials interests in work and employment'.

There is a marked tendency in business and management schools to ask lower level ‘why’ questions because of under-theorisation, as well as the more standard’ how’ questions, because of the pressure for application/relevance from business or critical activist perspectives.

Often when theoretical considerations are brought into the equation, it is to either understand lower level
phenomenon or via consulting the associated literature on the relevant subject matter. This is the wrong way around and can lead to what can best be described as ‘misdirection’.

This is particularly true in the field of study of employment. The contention here is that unless we are asking and answering fundamental questions about power, ideology and material interests and at fairly high level of abstraction, then we are not asking or answering the right type or level of research questions.

This is to suggest that a ‘radical’ perspective is required – not necessarily radical in terms of politics but radical in depth in terms of getting at - and to - the root of things as per the derivation from the (original) Greek meaning of being profound, significant and substantive. In turn, this then needs to be related this to what can best be described as ‘the big picture’.

Professor Gall has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals, written 10 books, and edited another ten. Some of his recent books include: The Handbook on the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment (2019, Edward Elgar); and Employment Relations in Financial Services: an exploration of the employee experience after the financial crash (2017, Palgrave).

This seminar is hosted by the New Zealand Institute for Business Research and Waikato Management School.

No RSVP is required if you wish to attend. Everyone is welcome on the day.