Research seminar: 'Lying and Reciprocity'

Date Wednesday 3 April 2019
Time 1pm - 2pm
Where MSB.4.02, Waikato Management School, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton
Presenter Professor of Economics Eberhard Fees (Victoria University of Wellington)
Admission Cost Free

Professor of Economics Eberhard Fees (Victoria University of Wellington) will give a research seminar on the topic of 'Lying and Reciprocity' on Wednesday, 3 April, at 1pm.

This seminar is hosted by Waikato Management School and is open to all staff and students. It will be held in room MSB.4.02.

Recent literature has shown that lying behavior can be explained by a combination of (internal) lying costs and (external) reputation concerns.

As reciprocal behavior plays an important role in many interactions, Professor Fees tested a theoretical model on reciprocity that assumes a player’s degree of altruism depends on his or her perception of the other player’s altruism towards him/herself.

Specifically, he considers a sequential two-player contest where we vary the second mover’s degree of information on the first movers lying behavior. This enables researchers to make predictions on the second mover’s behavior, which are tested empirically in a large-scale online experiment and in the laboratory

In both experiments, the second mover’s lying propensity does not depend on whether the first mover has (possibly) lied or not. This robust behavioral pattern provides strong evidence that reciprocity does not play a role for lying behavior in our setting.