Professional Workshop - AI for Executives

Date Wednesday 7 October 2020
Where University of Waikato Tauranga CBD Campus
Presenter Professor Albert Bifet
Contact Alvin Yeo
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Admission Cost $75

Curious about big data and machine learning and how they could revolutionise the way your company works?  

In this 2-hour workshop, executives will gain a business understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), what it can - and cannot - do, pitfalls and fishhooks to be aware of and the impact it can have on corporate strategies.

We’ll set the scene with an introduction to AI and data science. Using case studies of AI applications in industries, we’ll delve into how companies can leverage AI to improve decision-making, automate processes to be more efficient, and detect anomalies which can potentially deliver huge cost savings. 

This is a rare opportunity to hear and engage with a global expert who is both a researcher and practitioner in industry

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