Philosophy Seminar - "Why is it wrong to cheat?"

Date Thursday 19 May 2022
Time 3:10pm - 4:30pm
Where K.3.19 and Zoom (link in description)
Presenter Stephanie Gibbons
Contact Jeremy Wyatt
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Admission Cost Free

Stephanie Gibbons (Waikato) will be delivering a Philosophy Programme seminar entitled "Why is it wrong to cheat?"

Abstract: There is much written that insists that it is wrong for students to cheat, that tries to find the motivations for cheating, and that seeks ways to prevent them from cheating. But why is it wrong for students to cheat at university? In this talk, I borrow from Robert Simon et al.’s broad internalist analysis of what it is to cheat in sports (Fair Play 2014). Cheating is wrong, says Simon, because it cannot be universalised, and because it disrupts the quest for excellence. Can such an approach be successfully applied to cheating in academic contexts? Education is like sport in some respects and unlike it in others. I argue that Simon’s mutualism provides us with a useful starting point for discovering just why it is wrong for students to cheat.

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