Philosophy Seminar - "Not in the mood for hedonic intentionalism"

Date Thursday 23 September 2021
Time 4:10pm - 5:30pm
Where K.B.01
Presenter Lorenzo Buscicchi
Contact Jeremy Wyatt
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Admission Cost Free

Lorenzo Buscicchi (Waikato) will be delivering a Philosophy Programme seminar entitled "Not in the mood for hedonic intentionalism."

Abstract: In my presentation, I advance an objection to hedonic intentionalism—the claim that all pleasures are intentional mental states. According to what I call the “cheerfulness objection”, the mood of cheerfulness lacks intentionality. The globalist strategy—the standard move to save the intentionality of moods—is rejected. This strategy seems phenomenologically implausible: it simply does not seem to respect our experience of cheerfulness. Thus, cheerfulness ends up being a damaging counter-example to hedonic intentionalism. More generally, assuming that pleasure is a mental state, if some pleasures are not intentional, Brentano’s thesis—the claim that all mental states are intentional—is false. This implication would be troubling for Representationalism about the mind.

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