Philosophy Seminar - "Covid Passports: Discrimination, Inequality and Coercion"

Date Thursday 7 October 2021
Time 3:10pm - 4:30pm
Where Zoom (link in description)
Presenter Tim Dare and Justine Kingsbury
Contact Jeremy Wyatt
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Admission Cost Free

Tim Dare (Auckland) and Justine Kingsbury (Waikato) will be delivering a Philosophy Programme seminar entitled "Covid Passports: Discrimination, Inequality and Coercion"

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted intrusive, demanding, and expensive lockdowns.  Domestic vaccine passports are often seen as key to lockdown exit strategies: they reduce the risk of restoring liberties, and they incentivise vaccination. However, they might also reinforce existing inequality: those who are already disadvantaged are less likely to be vaccinated, and so less likely to have access to the advantages provided by a vaccine passport. Furthermore, depending on the benefits attached to having a vaccine passport, their use as an incentive may be coercive, and unequally so – for some, they may be an offer that cannot be refused. Coercion is sometimes justified, and the Covid pandemic may be a situation in which it is. We argue that governments should either set the benefits of vaccine passports at a level that does not override autonomy, or they should explicitly compel vaccination. Either would be less discriminatory than the surreptitious and uneven compulsion provided by wide-ranging domestic vaccine passports. 

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