Philosophy Seminar - 17 September 2020

Date Thursday 17 September 2020
Time 3:10pm - 4:30pm
Where University of Waikato - Room I.1.08 or via Zoom (
Presenter Dr Raamy Majeed (University of Auckland)
Contact Dr Justine Kingsbury
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Admission Cost Free

What Can Emotional Plasticity Tell Us About Social Biases?

Emotions that are quick, automatic and pre-reflective are typically explained by positing special evolved systems in the brain, i.e. ‘modules’. This framework, however, is ill-equipped to explain such emotions when they are responses to social or cultural cues, as evolved modules are thought to be incapable of undergoing any significant form of socio-cultural learning. In this paper, the presenter proposes a developmental framework to accommodate such emotions. In particular, the presenter argues that such emotions can be explained by developmental modules: modules that aren’t innate, but form as a product of development, and which are crucially shaped by our socio-cultural environment. The presenter will end by exploring the implications of this approach for tackling some implicit social biases.