Philosophy Programme Seminar

Date Thursday 3 June 2021
Time 4:10pm - 5:30pm
Where University of Waikato - Room K.B.07
Presenter Heather Dyke (University of Otago)
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Admission Cost Free

Explaining Temporal Experience in a B-theoretic World - Heather Dyke (University of Otago)

Our experience of time seems to tell us that the present moment is objectively privileged, and that time flows, in some sense. The pronouncements of experience in this regard conflict with the pronouncements of the metaphysical theory of time known as the B-theory. The B-theory, therefore, owes us an explanation of why our temporal experience suggests that time has these qualities, if time in fact lacks them. The presenter examines some recent attempts to reconcile temporal experience with the B-theory, and develop her own view about how best to effect this reconciliation. 

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