Philosophy Programme Seminar - What the fake?

Date Thursday 12 March 2020
Time 3:10pm - 4:30pm
Where KG.01 (University of Waikato)
Presenter Dr M R. X. Dentith
Contact Dr Justine Kingsbury
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Admission Cost Free

'Fake news' and the allegation that some news is fake is a common refrain in contemporary public discourse. Looking at the burgeoning literature on fake news in epistemology, the presenter will first survey the surprising variety of definitions of 'fake news' in order to present and then defend their own definition—a story which is misleadingly designed to deceive its intended audience—from potential objections. The presenter will then look at the way in which talk of 'fake news' (news which is actually fake) is muddied by allegations that some news is fake, which are sometimes (perhaps often) insincere.

The presenter will then argue—from the perspective of social epistemology—that part-and-parcel of the problem of fake news (both as a phenomena in itself, but also as a set of allegations) is not necessarily credulity on the part of epistemic agents but, rather, a political norm we should be wary of: politeness.