Official University Events

There are 3 upcoming events in the category Official Uni Events:

  • Tauranga Public Lecture Series: The Trouble with Memory

    Professor Maryanne Garry
    Date Monday 6 August 2018
    Time 6pm - 7pm
    Location Trinity Wharf Tauranga

    Most people think memory is a faithful recorder and archiver of experience. But memory is a liar, a con artist, and a self-serving autobiographer. Memory causes trouble for us, and…

  • 2018 Distinguished Alumni Awards

    Date Friday 24 August 2018
    Time 8am - 11:30pm
    Location The University of Waikato

    These awards celebrate and honour graduates of the University of Waikato who have made outstanding contributions in their careers and communities. A highlight on the University's annual calendar of events…

  • Kingitanga Day 2018

    Date Thursday 13 September 2018