Video Replays 2022

2022 New Zealand Economics Forum

24 & 25 February - hosted online by Waikato Management School #nzef2022

Wrap-up video of NZEF2022

Speakers from NZEF2022

Prof. Neil Quigley

Whakatau and welcome with Prof. Neil Quigley, Vice-Chancellor, University of Waikato

Dr Caralee McLiesh

Treasury views (with Dr Caralee McLiesh) on the economic outlook, and key tradeoffs

Health sector

Health sector: Recovery and reinvigoration - with Prof. Robin Gauld, Otago Business School; and Ranjna Patel, Tāmaki Health

Rt. Hon. Helen Clark

Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, Former Prime Minister - The global implications of COVID, and what New Zealand and the world should be doing next

Business sector

Business sector: Navigating a changing regulatory environment - with Craig Renney, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions; and Mike Burrell, Sustainable Business Council; and Bryan Chapple, NZ Treasury

The Māori economy

The Māori economy - with Wayne Tainui, PwC New Zealand; Liz Te Amo, Miro, and Prof. Chellie Spiller, Waikato Management School

Primary and secondary education sector

Primary and secondary education - Alexandre Fernandes De Oliveira, International Finance Corporation; Prof. Don Klinger, Waikato Division of Education; and Dr Michael Johnston, Victoria University

Addressing economic disparity challenges

Economic disparity challenges - with Prof. Jonathan Boston, Victoria University of Wellington; and Matt Burgess, The New Zealand Initiative

Labour market and immigration policy

Labour market and immigration policy - with Prof. John Gibson, Waikato Management School; and Dr Simon Chapple, Victoria University of Wellington

Rt. Hon Jim Bolger

Rt. Hon. Jim Boger, Former Prime Minister - Leading in a changing world

Prof. Frank Scrimgeour

Welcome to Day 2 - with Matt Bolger and Prof. Frank Scrimgeour, Waikato Management School

Adrian Orr, Reserve Bank

Adrian Orr, Governor of the Reserve Bank - Monetary policy, financial markets and the real economy

Monetary policy & inflation

Monetary policy, inflation, and ongoing challenges - with Sharon Zollner, ANZ Bank; Prof. Grant Spencer, Victoria University of Wellington, and Prof. Charles Goodhart, London School of Economics

Fiscal policy

Fiscal policy - with Prof. Mark Holmes, Waikato Management School; Sir Robert McLeod, Sanford, Quayside Holdings and Ngati Porou; and Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative

Housing and infrastructure

Housing and infrastructure - with Leilani Frew, NZ Treasury; Brad Olsen, Infometrics; and Dominick Stephens, NZ Treasury

Global trade and investment

Global trade and investment: Engagement or retreat? - with Rodney Jones, Wigram Capital Advisors; Tim Groser, Former Minister of Trade; and Prof. Gigi Foster, University of New South Wales

Recap of Day 1

Recap of Day 1 with Matt Bolger, PVC of Waikato Management School, and Steven Joyce, former Minister

Recap of Day 2

Recap of Day 2 with Matt Bolger, PVC of Waikato Management School, and Steven Joyce, former Minister

Full video replays of both days

Day 1 replay (6hr41m)

Day 2 replay (4hr33m)

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