Linguistics Workshop

Date Monday 12 August 2019
Time 3pm - 4pm
Where K.B.07
Presenter Dr. James Yang
Admission Cost Free

“Jez or Jezza is not a question”: A folk linguistic approach to hypocoristics in New Zealand English

Nicknaming patterns in New Zealand as well as Australia have been studied by English linguists for over four decades, but reasons for this lexical practice remain unexplored in a systematic way. In this workshop, we’ll discuss feasible research approaches to explaining this culture-specific language use.

Dr. James Yang is an Associate Professor in sociolinguistics at National Yunlin University in Taiwan. He obtained his doctorate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in the US in 2005. His research interests are worldwide English variation. He is visiting Waikato for two weeks so there will be plenty of time to chat to him while he is here.