Legal Careers Coaching Seminar - Things I wish I had known before I applied for summer clerking.

Auckland barrister and Waikato Faculty of Law alumni Kevin Glover
Date Wednesday 14 March 2018
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where Moot Court
Presenter Kevin Glover
Contact Diana Maliseva
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Admission Cost Free

Auckland barrister and Waikato Faculty of Law alumni Kevin Glover will be on campus next week to run a seminar to help students prepare for summer clerking programme.The seminar looks at different legal career options, focusing on how large firms compare with small and medium sized firms. Kevin will also review in-house legal positions, different practice areas and geographical considerations (types of jobs within New Zealand and overseas).  The seminar is intended to help students to think critically about whether or not applying for summer clerking and if working at a large firm will help with their careers in law. Kevin will also give a few pointers on types of clerking position to target.

Who is it for?

The seminar is aimed at those who are thinking about applying for summer clerk positions with the large law firms.  Those positions are usually (although not exclusively) offered to third year LLB (Hons) students or those in the fourth year of a conjoint honours degree. Other interested students are welcome to attend.

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