Lectures and Seminars

There are 6 upcoming events in the category Lectures and Seminars:

  • Tauranga Professorial Lecture

    Date Monday 3 April 2023
    Time 6pm - 7pm
    Location University of Waikato, Tauranga, Durham St, Tauranga, Lecture Theatre, Level 2

    From maloqueiro to professor: An ongoing psychological journey In this lecture, Professor Taciano L. Milfont will describe how his love for nature and childhood in Olinda, Pernambuco―Brazil’s best-preserved cultural melting…

  • School of Psychology Seminar Series: Collective Memories: pride, shame and change

    Date Wednesday 12 April 2023
    Time 12pm - 1pm
    Location J.1.0 or via zoom

    When people recall their past, they have the tendency to see it in a positive light. We see the same pattern when people recall their nation’s past. These national memories…

  • School of Psychology Seminar Series - How indirect trauma exposure via social media affects mental health

    Date Tuesday 18 April 2023
    Time 12pm - 1pm
    Location J.1.10 or via zoom

    Although using social media is typically positive, some experiences—such as exposure to explicit or distressing negative content—may be harmful to people’s mental health. Social media companies such as Instagram, Facebook…

  • 'European energy and climate policy in times of turbulence' by Dr Kaisa Huhta

    Date Wednesday 19 April 2023
    Time 1pm - 2pm
    Location Waikato Management School. Rooms MSB 1.36

    Register HERE Dr Huhta will discuss the current turmoil in energy and climate policy in Europe, as industry, householders and policy makers struggle to address climate change and the energy…

  • Kirikiriroa Conversations 2023

    Kirikiriroa Conversations
    Date Thursday 4 May 2023
    Time 3:45pm - 4:15pm
    Location K.G.01

    Screen and Media Studies (SMST) are proud to present another series of Kirikiriroa Conversations . The aim of these kōrerorero is to explore topics of interest from academic staff and…

  • Sociology and Social Policy Seminar - Epistemic power and oppression in child protection policy and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Date Tuesday 16 May 2023
    Time 2pm - 3pm
    Location J.1.10 - University of Waikato Hamilton Campus

    Child protection social work is a complex, contested and frequently politicised practice area. In Aotearoa New Zealand, during the 2010s, the government published a series of policy documents to address…