Landing, Landings

Date Monday 21 November 2022 - Friday 3 March 2023
Where Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, Main Gallery, UOW
Presenter Dr Mizuho Nishioka
Contact Cerys Davidson
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Admission Cost Free

Landing, landings is part of an expanding body of site-specific work work developed by photographic artist Dr Mizuho Nishioka that explores the position between the natural environment and the representation of it.

Nishioka enacts a process-based art practice which centres on traversing a route within a landscape, and upon being physically touched by a branch, rock, or gust of wind, generating a photograph to record this moment. Thematically sitting within the landscape practice, however as identified by the artist the landscape is utilised in an unusually active manner:

‘The landscape tradition seats the environment as a passive participant in the landscape image. Making it mute, sealing its voice and offered little agency in the making of its appearance.

However, this body of work questions this supposed objectivity, I employ the design and manufacture of new digital-photomechanical procedures which allow the inclusion of many aspects which are typically locked away from the photographer. I have explored a process that enables the natural environment a voice, and a hand in the creation of the image. Higher-windspeed, humidity, barometric pressure are all permitted to influence the operation of the photographic device. In this way, a picture is made in communion, a political reinstatement and collaboration.’