“"Just do it (all!)” The pressures, perils and perplexity of being a student in an era of user-pays, employability and precarity.

Date Wednesday 17 July 2019
Time 4pm - 5pm
Where The Wellbeing Hub (164 Hillcrest Road.)
Presenter Ottilie Stolte
Contact Ottilie Stolte
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Admission Cost Free

Lead by Ottilie Stolte this discussion will consider;

The mental health and stress levels of students are a significant concern, and there is increasing demand for on-campus health, counselling and support services. The current student mental health crisis is not an isolated phenomenon, and the situation raises a number of questions. Are the challenges of student-life primarily a matter of individual stress levels and coping skills? Are millennials less resilient than previous cohorts? Or, are there deeper questions we need to ask about the purpose, functioning and delivery of university education in the 21st century and the wider societal context? In this discussion series session, we will draw on the framework of the social determinants of health (WHO, 2008, 2012) and the notion of the precariat (Standing, 2011, 2014) to provide alternative ways of understanding and addressing the issues and challenges of student health and wellbeing today.