Hohou Te Rongo

Lissy and Rudi Cole 'Wheku Paki'
Date Friday 2 July - Friday 3 September 2021
Where Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts Gallery
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Admission Cost Free

Toi is a manifestation of cultural identity that is used to interpret and disseminate knowledge. Rongoā, known as traditional Māori healing, is an important part of the natural world where there are properties and qualities that can be sourced physically and spiritually to find balance. Consideration of binary codes such as dark and light, tapu and noa, celestial and terrestrial, peace and war, offers a way to navigate through such spaces. Artists are asked to reflect on the roles they play to heal or retain balance for their own wellbeing, practice, whanau and community. Houhou Te Rongo is an explorative exhibition that brings in an offering of Rongo through toi.