Guest Public Lecture: Dr Samuel Wolfman

Date Wednesday 13 November 2019
Time 12pm - 1pm
Location University of Waikato (S.G.02)
Presenter Dr Samuel Wolfman
Cost Free

The Language Gap between Psychiatry and the Judiciary in the matter of Involuntary Detention of the Mentally Ill

Bioethical Dilemmas in the area of Mental Health Care and Law: Involuntary Treatment of the Mentally Ill

Mentally ill patients, that may present danger to themselves and/or others, may be involuntarily admitted to a secured psychiatric ward. Western legal systems set rules and procedures for such involuntary confinement. Patients may appeal coercing orders before a mental health court judge or judicial statutory tribunals. The judge or tribunal may face ethical dilemmas when the legal requirements are not met even when the psychotic state is unquestionable. Legally, even the most severe psychiatric disease is not enough for involuntary admissions and treatment. Still, leaving the patient untreated may result in harsh consequences.

The presentation shall discuss the ethical and moral dilemmas involved in decisions of approving or releasing involuntary admitted patients from hospitals.

Dr. Samuel Wolfman teaches Psychiatry and Law at the Law Faculty of Haifa University Israel and at the medical school and has lectured, as a visiting professor, on psychiatry and law, medical law and bioethics, in universities in Europe and the US. Dr. Wolfman is a member of UNESCO teaching professors in bioethics, he participates in many international forums and congresses on forensic psychiatry, medical law and bioethics. Dr. Wolfman serves as chairman of statutory tribunals in Israel for involuntary detainments of mental patients so that his presentation is based on academic as well as on practical experience.