First Friday 6pm Series - Poema Armonico

Poema Armonico
Date Friday 6 March 2020
Time 6pm - 8pm
Where Dr John Gallagher Concert Chamber, Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
Presenter Poema Armonico - Carles Marigo (piano) and Maria Camahort (guitar)
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Admission Cost $10 at the door (cash only), free for students with a valid ID

Carles Marigo and Maria Camahort present Poema Armónico, an inspiring musical journey through short gorgeous compositions originally written for vihuela and baroque guitar.

This mix of improvisation and classical music is not very dissimilar to what a public concert used to feel like in the concert halls hundreds of years ago.

In Spain the vihuela (similar instrument to the lute) was the most played instrument in the refined atmosphere of the courts, but also the main accompaniment to popular songs and dances. When Narváez or Mudarra delicately plucked their instruments with intricate counterpoints, there were always twists from the songs of the taverns and peasant parties.

The pavanas, fantasías, villancicos and tientos that appear in the books of these composers, considered short pieces of art, in many cases were purely their own personal approach to pieces that existed within the popular tradition.

Taking this as inspiration, Maria and Carles created Poema Armónico: a set of imaginative, contemporary recreations of these songs and dances, with a special emphasis on one of the oldest European musical themes, La Folia.

Moreover you'll hear recreations of famous tunes by Albeniz to show the wide range of skills and scope of a music learned as a language, of which concept the duo is a great advocate in Spain and at the ESMUC of Barcelona.