Environmental Research Institute (ERI) Seminar Series: "Unravelling the web of life: Species interactions in a changing world"

Date Wednesday 28 October 2020
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where S.1.02. Also accessible via Zoom:
Presenter Professor Jason M. Tylianakis (University of Canterbury)
Contact Fiona Martin
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Admission Cost Free


Global environmental changes are driving widespread extinctions of species, which have generated concerns over disruption of ecosystem functioning. Despite the importance of species themselves, many ecosystem processes involve interactions among many different species with a community, and these networks of interactions may be disrupted long before the species involved go extinct. Resource partitioning is key to understanding biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning and it is also implicit in the architecture of interaction networks, which provides a link between ecological networks and ecosystem functioning. Unfortunately, recent work has shown that human changes to the environment can alter this architecture, and that these alterations can propagate themselves across landscapes. However, recent evidence from plant-pollinator networks suggests that it may be possible to foresee the disruption of individual interactions within networks and thus to predict extinctions.