Environmental Research Institute (ERI) Seminar: "Ecocultural technologies for rural and Māori community on-site treatment"

Date Wednesday 30 September 2020
Time 12pm - 1pm
Where S.1.02, and also via Zoom:
Presenter Dr Rupert Craggs (Te Waiora Joint Institute for Freshwater Management)
Contact Fiona Martin
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Admission Cost Free

Te Waiora’s MBIE-funded research programme will co-develop (with Māori, industry and local government) eco-cultural wastewater treatment technologies (ECWT) that will incorporate Mātauranga Māori and address current barriers to ecotechnology implementation. ECWT will provide effective and culturally acceptable “natural” options to upgrade failing rural wastewater infrastructure. For on-site treatment we will co-develop:

· Intensified multi-layered wetland filters (IMWF) for marae and papakāinga WWT, using novel active filter layers and intermittent dosing to enhance treatment performance in terms of nutrient and faecal indicator bacteria removal

·Sludge treatment wetlands (STW) that will convert wastewater sludge into a soil amendment, reducing Māori concerns and costs of sludge transport and disposal

·Septic Tank Digesters to recover energy from on-site treatment and reduce GHG and carbon emissions

Affordability and sustainability of ECWT will be enhanced by co-development of culturally appropriate resource recovery (biogas energy, bioproducts, and treated water).

A central part of the first year of the project is to work with our Māori partners and the on-site wastewater treatment industry to understand current barriers to ecotechnology implementation.