Decolonising Education

Date Monday 12 March 2018
Time 5pm - 6:30pm
Where A.G.30 A Block Te Pua Wānanga Ki Te Ao
Presenter Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith, DVC Māori Sarah Jane Tiakiwai, Professor Sandy Grande, Alayna Lee Eagleshield: Facilitated by AP Leonie Pihama (Director Te Kotahi Research Institute)
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Decolonising Education is a critical cultural and political act for Indigenous nations globally. This panel brings together Indigenous educators and scholars to share their reflections on the role of education in a broader decolonising and Indigenous resistance agenda.

"While the language of imperialism and colonialism have changed, the sites of struggle remain. The struggle for validity of indigenous knowledges may no longer be over the recognition that indigenous peoples have ways of viewing the world which are unique, but over proving the authenticity of, and control over our own forms of knowledge."
- Linda Tuhiwai Smith