Book Launch - Mysteries of English Grammar

Date Tuesday 15 February 2022
Time 11am - 12pm
Where University of Waikato - Gate 1 (Room I.4.20 - I Block, Level 4, Room 20)
Contact Ashleigh Wallace
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Admission Cost Free

Join us for the book launch of "Mysteries of English Grammar" by Andreea S. Calude and  Laurie Bauer.

About the book
Most of us have at some point or other come across an English expression or sentence and wondered whether what we are about to write (or what we just said) is correct, grammatical or ‘good’ English. Given a history of hundreds of years of research analysing aspects of the grammar of English, it may come as a surprise that there are still open problems which continue to baffle language researchers today. In this book, we present 15 ‘grammar mysteries’, as we call them, using jargon-free, everyday language. Each chapter stands on its own and together, the collection acts as a journey into the depths of English grammar, illuminating areas where new discoveries await.  

About the authors
Andreea S. Calude is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Waikato, in New Zealand. She has a background in mathematics and linguistics and researches (spoken) grammar, language evolution, loanwords and just about any quantitative language-related question she can get data on. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Te Reo – the Journal of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Laurie Bauer FRSNZ in Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington. He is the author of over twenty books including The Oxford reference guide to English morphology (2013), which won the LSA’s Leonard Bloomfield Prize. In 2017 he was awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand’s Humanities Medal.

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