Aotearoa Migration Research Network Seminar Series 2019: Albany - An ethnoburb for studying subethnicities of new Chinese immigrants

Date Tuesday 5 November 2019
Time 11am - 12pm
Location S1.10, or via zoom
Presenter Dr Liangni Sally Liu (Massey University)
Contact Shemana Cassim
Contact email
Cost Free

Albany - An ethnoburb for studying subethnicities of new Chinese immigrants from China in New Zealand.

With three-decades of immigration and settlement, new Chinese immigrants from China to New Zealand (NZ) are not a homogenous immigrant group anymore. As a reflection of the rapid change of the Mainland Chinese society, different batches of Chinese immigrants arrived in NZ in different time periods and carried distinctive characteristics. The seminar will propose an ethnographic research in a particular suburb of Auckland – Albany to rationalise the subethnicities of the new China-born Chinese immigrants in NZ. Albany is considered as an ethnoburb for new Chinese immigrant settlement. It is a window through which the changing dynamics of the new Chinese immigrant community can be seen. The subethnicities of this immigrant community reflect the new dynamics and patterns of the people-to-people contacts between NZ and its second largest trading partner – China. The research will ask some fundamental questions in ethnic and migration studies, such as how local public facilities, services, and economic development in a host society can contribute to the formation of ethnoburbs, and vice versa, how ethnoburbs can drive the development of local infrastructure and economic activities.

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