Aotearoa Migration Research Network & Mobilities Network - Seminar Series 2020 (7 July 2020)

Date Tuesday 7 July 2020
Time 11am - 12pm
Where Zoom:
Presenter Hira Umair, University of Waikato
Contact Shemana Cassim
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Migration, influences, challenges and inclusion

Due to dramatic headlines on international migrants and refugees, it is easy to forget that internal migration accounts for the majority of population movements. Leading to higher levels of urbanization, rural to urban migration is an important phenomenon in low - and middle - income countries. Declining rural populations are also observed, primarily in richer countries (UNDESA, 2014). Amongst a variety of possible movements, between or within urban and rural areas, it is rural to urban flows that tend to constitute the major challenges for education systems. In this presentation, the presenter will attempt to share preliminary findings of data collected in Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings in Pakistan, for her PhD. She will discuss the influences of migration for internal migrant families and challenges they and their children face at the time of transition. She will also discuss the ECE teachers’ practices of inclusion for migrant children into public schools.

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