Aotearoa Migration Research Network & Mobilities Network Seminar Series 2020

Date Tuesday 7 April 2020
Time 11am - 12pm
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Presenter Dr Teena Brown Pulu & Associate Professor Harminder Singh (AUT)
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This seminar will go ahead, however it will be available ONLINE ONLY.

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Mobile Communities: Rural Punjab and South Auckland Sikhs

In September 2019 after India’s general election we surveyed 373 Sikhs in two neighbouring villages of Punjab, India, to find out the main issues affecting them. Most participants were aged between 18 to 40 years and ranked drug  addiction in their home state and unemployment across India as the pressing concerns making them worry about the future. The findings reflect mobile communities where Punjab is a landscape sculpted by migration. In the study, family members of 125 participants had left these villages for greener pastures overseas. Examining how mobile communities navigate through shrinking local economies tempered by migration routes we look to South Auckland, New Zealand, as an emerging place in the global Punjabi diaspora. The research explores the daily troubles of village life in Punjab and how it shapes identity formations of Sikh migrants.

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