Aotearoa Migration Research Network (AMRN) seminar

Date Tuesday 8 November 2022
Time 11am - 12pm
Presenter Nuke Martiarini
Contact Jessica Terruhn
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Admission Cost Free

Intergenerational Volunteering within a Muslim Women’s Community in Auckland

“Watching parents while helping others when we were young is the key of having a strong sense of always helping people around, they taught me to be more sensitive with what people need”.

For some people, helping comes naturally; however, the sharp sense of giving a hand without any expectation needs to be sharpened from age. From my research, I have been working with 11 Muslim Migrant Women (of various ethnic backgrounds) in Auckland, applying how to teach the younger generation to have sensitivity to help others within the community. The younger ones have been taught how to have these senses (of helping people) without any preaching, but by watching the parents/aunties/older siblings do it in long-term activities. Here, the community feels like a family or a safe space where the members feel loved while they learn everything. Specifically, they feel joy while they learn how to support others without expecting a status or anything in return. Bringing young people into community work also means showing them how to be grateful for giving back to New Zealand as their new home country to get more barakah (blessing) in life. So, here volunteering is a part of their “normal life”, just being community-minded, helping people with love, combined with their collective cultures to serve others, and it’s not about themselves but the next generation who will lead the world.