Aotearoa Migration Research Network (AMRN) seminar

Date Thursday 4 August 2022
Time 2pm - 3pm
Presenter Dr Junjia Ye
Contact Jessica Terruhn
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Admission Cost Free

Cultivating migration-driven diversity and the production of difference in Singapore

The management of migrants at both the level of the state and the everyday are changing as a cause as well as a response to shifts in the diversification of migration. This paper examines the mutual production of urban space through managerial practices by the state and encounters across the diverse users of the space. I analyse how migration-driven diversity is produced through pastoral discourses of care and control. Drawing upon qualitative data conducted before regulations at City Plaza, in a neighbourhood in the east side of Singapore, I locate the sites of co-production at the level of policy regulation and at the levels of everyday surveillance in shared spaces where branches of the state such as surveillance technologies, explicit rules on signboards, auxiliary police officers and different groups of new arrivals (i.e. “new migrants”) encounter one another regularly on weekends. I demonstrate that this production of difference from various stakeholders reinforces boundaries of civility through encounters, re-producing the desirable/non-desirable migrant. The arrival city is therefore marked by these diffuse generative forces that both subvert and reinforce dominant modes of belonging.

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