Aotearoa Migration Research Netowork Seminar Series: Where to belong and why?

Date Tuesday 13 August 2019
Time 11am - 12pm
Where S1.10, or via zoom
Presenter Pavithra Jayawardena, Victoria University of Wellington
Contact Shemana Cassim
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Admission Cost Free

Sri Lankan immigrants' views about New Zealand and Australian citizenship

Policy makers, politicians and citizens in the Western democratic countries are continuously debating what they expect from the immigrants who want to become citizens in their countries. Nonetheless immigrants’ expectations from becoming host country citizens are often overlooked. This research focuses on immigrants’ perceptions about host country citizenship. It specifically looks at Sri Lankan immigrants in New Zealand and Australia. The study data suggests that participants’ level of satisfaction about the instrumental benefits is correlated with their patriotic perceptions. This is because, a higher level of satisfaction increases one’s sense of gratitude towards the host society. The study highlights the importance of recognizing immigrants’ instrumental desires not merely as selfish intentions but as cornerstones of their sense of gratitude and belonging towards the host society.

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