Anthropology Seminar

Date Thursday 1 October 2020
Time 3:10pm - 4:10pm
Where University of Waikato - Room K.G.06 & via Zoom ( Meeting ID: 719 684 2758 / Password: @nthr0 )
Presenter Michael Goldsmith
Contact Jacinta Forde
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Admission Cost Free

Defining Issues of the Anthropocene: Object and Subject

In this brief seminar, the presenter will take a quick-fire approach to some basic definitional questions. Is there such a thing as the Anthropocene? If so, what are its defining criteria? When did it begin and when might it end? Who uses the term, where and why? How does it play out in the multidisciplinary world of knowledge? Who or what bears the most responsibility for its impact on the world? What happens when we try to imagine the object and subject of the Anthropocene in relation to each other?

Michael Goldsmith is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Waikato who retains an ongoing attachment to the Anthropology Programme. His work has ranged from the history and religion of Tuvalu to issues of race, ethnicity and cultural identity in Aotearoa New Zealand. He has also written on issues of politics and welfare in New Zealand and the Pacific. His areal interests have increasingly come to include environmental concerns, such as the threat of climate change and sea level rise in the case of Tuvalu and controversies over freshwater in the case of New Zealand.