ALPSS (Zoom) Research Seminar Series

Date Tuesday 21 September 2021
Time 1pm - 2pm
Where Zoom ( )
Presenter Professor Richard Wortley
Contact Vanessa McLean
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Admission Cost Free

This is the 2nd presentation in the ALPSS (Zoom) Research Seminar Series

Situational Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Professor Richard Wortley

In contrast to traditional approaches to preventing child sexual abuse (CSA) that seek to change the deviant sexual propensities of offenders, situational prevention seeks to reduce the likelihood of offenders acting on those propensities by changing aspects of the immediate environment that permit or encourage CSA to occur. In this presentation the presenter will review research conducted with colleagues that indicates that immediate circumstances play an important role in the commission of CSA. He will then present the results of current research that shows that online CSA offending can be deterred by automated warning message that confront potential offenders at the very moment that they are considering committing an offence. He argues that situation prevention strategies provide an effective and scalable offending approach to reducing both online and contact CSA offending.